Sunday, 20 December 2009

Going home for christmas

I'm going home tomorow after work. Hooray! when i went to america in september i was looking through all my grandparents old photo albums.  I found this old photo of my house as well as a letter my mum sent them when she was pregnant with me.  It was nice,   christmas day is the rare time when my sister and i spend time with both my mum and dad, because my mum is the only person who lives full time in this house now.


My Favourite sweets at the moment are these japanese daifuku filled with mung beans.  My mum makes nice filipino sweets with mung beans called hopia the ube variety are the best.  MY favourite filipino sweet though is Biko, its a sticky rice cake made with coconut milk and sugar, its best made with dark brown sugar.  GO EAT SOME! ^_^

Friday, 4 December 2009

Sewing and wearing that good ole jumper

This bird looks a bit crap on here
Yesterday i was watching BBC iplayer, i watched that drama about Margot Fonteyn. I didnt realise she danced till her 60's!!!

When i was little i had ballet lessons, my teacher would always get me to play piano in front of all the other girls. She use to say to me "Practise your ballet like you practise your piano" i never did, who knows i could've been a prima ballerina.....................dreams halo halo dreams